jQuery Mobile 1.1

jQuery Mobile 1.1.0 ist verfügbar!

Aus dem Changelog:

  • True fixed toolbars: Lightweight, CSS-based & broadly compatible
  • Optional backwards-compatible polyfill fixed toolbars
  • Improved transitions: Smoother, faster
  • Two new transitions in 1.1: Turn and Flow.
  • Multiple transition sequences now supported: Fade and slidefade
  • Firefox support for transitions
  • Default theme cleanup
  • New AJAX loader design and options
  • Related: TouchOverflow feature to be deprecated in 1.1
  • Support for jQuery 1.7.1
  • Mini form elements
  • Flip switch: Improved design
  • Slider: Highlight feature
  • Slider: Step attribute support
  • Zoom fixes: orientation change iOS bug and select/input zoom
  • data-enhance=false data attribute
  • data-ajax=false now works on containers
  • New docs navigation and search
  • AMD module support

Das sieht doch alles schon mal sehr gut aus.

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